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Nebulae: Thousands of light-years away, these colorful clouds of dust and gas are actually some of our closest neighbors in our universe, usually residing within the same arm of the Milky Way as our own solar system. Let your imagination run wild as you look deep into these nebulae, and be surprised over and over by what shapes and structures you find.

Galaxies: Beyond our own Milky Way galaxy lie millions of other galaxies - some like our own, some very different from our own. Most contain billions or trillions of stars, most of which have their own solar systems. Our closest galactic neighbors are millions of light-years away, meaning that the light you're seeing here left these galaxies before humans were ever on Earth. I wonder what else might be out there.

Artists' Choice prints are printed on a gloss aluminum medium for best representation of contrast and color as intended by the artist. Each piece includes a mounting bracket for simple installation. Collector Prints are printed by the artist on a photographic medium.

Contact me at (828) 443-2701 for more information or with any questions!

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